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Online platform for Designers (NL) and Makers (JP). Join the community and innovate your projects.

Who we are, what we do

Trusted community of makers between JP & NL

The online platform is run by MONO JAPAN together with NN Life Insurance Company in Japan. Within the platform, we host the “MONO MAKERS PROGRAM” which will provide hands-on support for the collaboration between makers to create a new product.


To stimulate collaboration between Japan and the Netherlands, NN Life and MONO JAPAN joined hands together to start up the new program “MONO MAKERS PROGRAM”. The focus of this program is to create a new product for the European market, that embodies the quality of Dutch design and Japanese craftsmanship.

Hands-on support for collaborations

The members can seek a collaborator and communicate within the platform. When there is a mutual wish to collaborate from two parties, the pair can apply for this hands-on support program.

Opening up new horizons for international collaborations and the relationship of product and mankind

The main purpose of the MONO MAKERS PROGRAM is the development of new products through a collaboration between Dutch designers and Japanese makers. Our hope is to create opportunities for the collaborating pair and to facilitate them in order for them to exchange their creative ideas and skills, to explore new possibilities, and to finally put these into the creation of a new product.