Let’s get together on 15th September at MONO JAPAN

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15th September / Invitation to MONO JAPAN Fair for MMM members in NL!

Four members of MMM from Japan will be visiting The Netherlands during the period of the MONO JAPAN Fair!

These are the members;

Yohei is collaborating with Mae at the moment as the winner of MMP, and they will give a talk about their collaboration on 15th September from 12:15.

We’d like to invite all the MMM members in The Netherlands for this opportunity. The MMM team will send all the NL members an email with the guest ticket.

Powerful Washi Presentation of MONO MAKERS PROGRAM

“Powerful Washi – Presentation of MONO MAKERS PROGRAM”
Date and time: Friday 15 September 12:15 – 13:15

Please note that the group of visitors from Japan will leave the location at 14:00. If you want to meet them, please don’t come too late!


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