MONO JAPAN Fair 2024

The 7th edition of MONO JAPAN Fair in Rotterdam
| published by MONO MAKERS MEET

We are excited to announce that tickets for the seventh edition of MONO JAPAN Fair are now available for purchase!

MONO JAPAN Fair will be held from September 13th to 15th in Rotterdam at two exclusive boutique hotels: Hotel âme and Supernova Hotel. These charming venues will transform into unique exhibition spaces, presenting a carefully curated selection of exquisite Japanese products.

Our cultural programme is programmed by Stichting MONO JAPAN in collaboration with the Nieuwe Instituut and will include lectures, talks, presentations, and workshops*. 

There will be the talks/presentation of MMP by Shohei and Sigrid, also by Mae & Yohei from MMP 2023 during the fair!

Stay tuned for further updates and detailed information!


Workshop MUJUN | Guided Tour by Cream on Chrome | The Nio-Mon Project by Jikke van Loon | MONO MAKERS PROGRAM 2024 by Shohei Kubo (KANMAKI) & Sigrid Calon | MONO MAKERS PROGRAM 2023 by Mae Engelgeer & Yohei Oue | Preview Expo Osaka 2025 by Nieuwe Instituut | Demonstration by Dave van Gompel | AKIYA AIR by Shinya Kobayashi (MUJUN), Emiko Chujo (MONO JAPAN), and selected artist for AIR programme | Workshop by Haruka Matsuo | Workshop by MochiAN | Interview with TOMASU SOY SAUCE by Marika Groen | Workshop by Yoko Negi 


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